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Nightwing 007

About Me....

Name: Calvin Watts III
Age: 30 years young
Rank & Serial number: have no idea...

Seriously, I'm 30 years old and I am what is called a relocation engineer- (in laymen's terms, a truck driver)... I travel weekly all across the USA and Canada...and while the job can be tough, it does have its benefits...;)

I am divorced, and a proud father of my beautifu baby girl, Sara Anne...(a pic of her can be seen below...)

As for my hobbies, I have far too many,but some of the things that I'm really into include videogaming,movies,sports,driving,sci-fi,reading,toy and comicbook collecting,surfing the web,and spending time with my family and friends...

Well, that's about want to know gotta ask nicely...;)

My links about me...

My Baby Girl...
A pic of my beautiful baby girl, Sara ;)
My Picture
you know what to do...
My poem...
Inspired by a good friend...
Sci-Fi Journal
This is the cable access sci-fi show that me and my friends put together

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