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My Colecovision Collection

For Hardware, I have a Colecovision System in good shape. The controllers for it work fairly well, and I have an extra Coleco Adam Computer joystick that was left over from my grandfather's system.

As for expansion modules, I own both the Atari 2600 cart adapter which is in excellent shape, and also the driving module which doesn't work quite as well...

My collection is kinda lacking in this area as I am concertrating on my Intellivision Collection at the moment, but I do plan on getting more Colecovision things as time and money permit- (some good controllers would be nice...)

Colecovision Games (8)
(1) Donkey Kong - With Ins. (2) Destructor - for Driving Module - Boxed (3) Dukes of Hazzard - for Driving Module (4) FrontLine (5) Omega Race (6) Smurf: Rescue From Gargamel's Castle - CIB (7) TimePilot (8) Turbo - for Driving Module (9) Venture (10) Zaxxon

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