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This page will be under construction for awhile,so check back often. This site will be dedicated to my love of comic books and toys. My comic collection is up to around 6,000 books... I am also a toy and memoribilia collector...I have oid toys from the films Tron and Dune, as well as the crownjewels in my collection- A Playmates 1701 Star Trek Tapestry Picard (for which I paid retail price at my local Wal-Mart for) and a Franklin Mint 25th Anniversary U.S.S. Enterprise-(which I GLADLY traded my Redemption Data for) Below are some comic and toy related websites for you to check out...

Comics and Toys Links

The Unofficial Nightwing Homepage
This is a site devoted to my favorite comic book character-(as if you couldn't figure it out!)
DC Comics-Starman
This site is all about another cool not-so-ordinary superhero
GLantern's Green Lantern Page
Get info on the ringslinger here...
The New England Toy Collectors Site
This is a site by collectors and for them...If you live in New England and collect toys, you MUST go here!!!
Words and Pictures Museum
The website of the Northampton, MA AWESOME place to visit!!!

My Webpage Links

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