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My Friends...

Here is some of my friends webpages...and if whoever is reading this happend to be a friend of mine and has a page, let me know and I'll link your site here as well.

I was going to make a list up of my friends...but I think that spending time with them and making sure they know how much they mean to you is better than a simple list of names.

I do my best with my busy schedule to keep in touch with he people who I care about and love...and you should all know who you are :) Anyways..onto the links...

A Poem By My Friend Beeswing about me:


What is a nightwing?
It is a light in the darkness
A freedom flight 
A gentle reminder
A kiss goodnight. 

What is a nightwing?
It is a refreshing breeze
A soul without end
A heart of compassion
My Friend......

Here are my wonderful friends' webpages

Mike's Comic Art and Autographs
Mike is my best friend and a very cool all-around person. His page is devoted to Comic art and autographs from some of the people that he's met (like Aerosmith!)
Bee's Hive
Beeswing2 is an aspiring writer and a teacher whom I met in TalkCity...she(and her husband,Beeskeeper,are people I'm happy to have as my friends-(she's the one who wrote the poem) :)
A Touch Of Velvet
Velvet-Nights is the first person that I've met online...She LOVES Adrian Paul "Duncan McCloud from the Highlander TV series) and she's has a cool mysterious way about her...
Imsnowyt's Homepage
Imsnowyt is another friend of mine who I met in Talk City...her page has info on the fairy tale character as well as sm other cool things...
Little_Prince's Castle
I got to meet Little_Prince and his brother, ProudBear, through Beeswing2 and her husband, Beeskeeper...Prince is also a aspiring writer-you can find some of his works here.
Talk City
This is where I chat with my friends...I am usually in SciFi/Fan or Games:RidicWebTV playing with other cool ppl-check it out!!

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