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Videogames Old and New
Here is my gaming history, along with what I own and want (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
Sci-Fi Central
Here is why I love scifi/fantasy, and also some info on the cable access show that my club and I put together...(UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
Comics and Toys
Who says you have to be a kid in order to enjoy these things? (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
Friends' Online
I have met some great people over the internet- Here are some of their sites...
About Me and My Family
If you really want to know more, click here. (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
Other Cool Links...
Here you can find info on WebTV, my favorite chat rooms, and other neat places that I've found on the internet... (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
A picture of Nightwing
This is one of the most popular superheroes out there today-Nightwing was Batman's 1st Robin and also it's my CB Handle...

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