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Intellivision: Intelligent Television

This page is dedicated to the Intellivision, my first videogame system. Back when I was a kid, all of my friends had an Atari2600, which was the system to have...I remember hating coming home from playing Asteroids and the like, and not having one of my I begged my parents to buy me an Atari for Christmas, but when the big day arrived, I found under my tree an Intellivision game system (actually the Radio Shack Tandyvision, but it's the same thing). Needless to say, I was very disappointed...but then a funny thing happened-I actually started to like playing it! Games such as Space Battle, Sea Battle, and the like were actually fun to play, and after awhile my Atari friends were hooked as well...alas, over the years I grew up and went away from the videogaming world for awhile, but slowly and surely, with the new systems and great games, I got hooked all over again... Then I started wondering about the stuff I had as a child-was it forever lost to the ages?? I had sold my Atari stuff (yep I ended up getting one of those too) and after a lot of digging in the closets, my mom found most of my old cartridges, along with many of the instructions and overlays-( the Tandyvision had gone to the scrapheap long ago) A quick trip to the flea market, and the rest is my history... Included here is my Intellivision collection, a want list, a for sale/trade list, and lists of my favorite games and why...

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My Intellivision Collection
This is what I own
My Intellivision Want and Trade List
This is what I want and things I have to trade with..
My Intellivision Links (COMING SOON)
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