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My misc. systems and games...

I am always looking out for a bargain - so when I see something that is too good to pass up, I usually go for it...I recently bought a TG-16 with 4 games and a bunch of Atari 2600 games for $30. To me that is a bargain...I wasn't planning on getting one at the moment but...( I did okay in the of the 2600 games is an ER one, so you never know. The following is a list of misc. games and systems for which I don't have a lot of games for...I do plan on getting these consoles eventually :)

Magnavox Odyssey 2

1 system CIB w/packaging and ins.

Odyssey 2 Games: (9)

(1) Alien Invaders-Plus - CIB

(2) Baseball - CIB

(3) Bowling/Basketball - CIB

(4) Computer Golf - CIB

(5) Dynasty - CIB

(6) Invaders From Hyperspace - CIB

(7) K.C. Munchkin - CIB

(8) Las Vegas Blackjack - CIB

(9) Speedway/Spinout/Cryptologic - CIB

Panasonic/Samsung 3DO (5)

(1) Alone In The Dark - CIB

(2) Quarantine - CIB

(3) Psychic Detective - CIB

(4) Space Ace - CIB

(5) The Need For Speed - CIB

NEC TurboGrafx 16

1 system CIB - (missing Ins.)

TG-16 Games (4)

(1) Bloody Wolf - CIB

(2) Keith Courage In Alpha Zones - card only

(3) Takin' It To The Hoop - CIB

(4) World Class Baseball - CIB

And 1 Pong System...

Coleco Telstar Model 6040 with Ins. and original TV Box

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