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I just love science fiction. There is just so many things that I love, such as books, shows, basically all of it...This site is still under a lot of work, but below you will find some links to scifi related web pages that I think are pretty cool...

SciFi Central Links

Sci-Fi Journal
This is my cable access show which I produce and co-host. We talk about all things scifi,fantasy, and horror as well as alot of other fun things
Star Trek:The Unofficial Fan Club Show
This is another cable access shown in my area which I used to cohost...Devoted to all things Trek...
Daphne's Mad House
Yet another local wacky scifi cable access show...
The World Of Dune
This website has extensive info on Frank Herbert's classic epic, as well as the 1984 cult film...also see updates on the upcoming books and SciFi Channel miniseries
The Unofficial Tron Page
This site is chock-full of things about the revolutionary 1982 movie...(There is even a pic of a deleted romance scene with Tron that you can view)
Space:1999 Cyber Museum
This is one of my fave all time shows-(well the 1st season anyway). A wealth of info about MoonBase Alpha and its story await you...
Star Wars: The Official Site
Get the latest info about the upcoming prequels here...

My Webpage Links

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