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Sega CD Hardware:

I own a Sega CD Model 2 (the flip top version) which I asked for and got for Christmas in 1994...( I only wanted it so that I could play Darkseed without a PC...to0 bad it was never released...) I also own a 32x add-on so that I can play my few 32x cd games and I also have a the cd backup ram cart which i picked up for a buck.:)

My Sega CD Software

Games by Sega:

(1-7) These are the pack-in games for both Sega CD Models:

(1) Sherlock Holmes: Consluting Detective
(2) Sol-Feace
(3) Sewer Shark
(4-7) Sega Classics Arcade Collection: Streets Of Rage, Revenge Of Shinobi, Columns, Golden Axe

Other Sega Games: (8) Adventures Of Batman & Robin (9) Amazing Spiderman vs The Kingpin (10) Batman Returns (11) Ecco:The Tides of Time (12) Eternal Champions (13) Joe Montana's NFL Football (14) Jurassic Park (15) Slipheed (16) Sonic CD
Sega TruVideo: (17) Dracula Unleashed (18) Farenheit - both the reg and 32X vers. (19) Masked Rider: Kamen Rider Zo (20) Midnight Raiders (21) Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (22) Surgical Strike (23) Tomcat Alley (24) Wirehead
Digital Pictures: (25) Corpse Killer (26) Double Switch (27) Ground Zero Texas (28) Night Trap (29) Supreme Warrior
JVC: (30) Star Wars: Rebel Assault (31) Thunderstrike
Konami: (32) Lethal Enforcers w/the Justifer Gun (33) Snatcher
Electronic Arts: (34) NHL '94 (35) Wing Commander
Acclaim: (36) Mortal Kombat (37) NBA Jam (38) WWF Rage in the Cage
Interplay/Virgin: (39) Dune (40) Earthworm Jim: Spec. Edition (41-42) Out Of This World/Heart Of The Alien
Sony Imagesoft: (43-44) Frankenstein/Dracula 2-pack (45) Mickey Mania (46-47) Prime/Microcosm 2-pack
Absolute: (48) RDF Global Conflict
Activision: (49) Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure
Compton's New Media: (50) Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia 1995 Edition
Data East: (51) Panic!
Drew Pictures: (52) Iron Helix
Dynamix: (53) Rise of the Dragon
Readysoft: (54) Space Ace
SCI Interactive: (55) The Lawnmower Man
Software Toolworks: (56) Star Wars Chess
Vic Tokai: (57) Mansion of Hidden Souls
Working Designs: (58) Popful Mail