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My Sega Genesis

I got my first Sega Genesis as a sort of wedding gift...I worked at a retail store at the time (Lechmere,now closed) and played with the store demo every chance that I got...after playing Batman...I was forever hooked. While being an underpowered system, the Genesis was a big success because of Nintendo's decisions to hold back the SNES in favor of the GameBoy- and also having a gore code in Mortal Kombat (when Nintendo vehemetly refused to allow one in their version) did not hurt either. There were some very cool games released for the Genesis in its day( NHL '94 anyone?`), and I think that it could have lasted longer if Sega didn't drop the ball with the 32X, Sega CD, and the Saturn... Just the same though, I still play with it every once in a while (as I do with all my systems). Here is my list of Sega Genesis/32X things...

Sega Hardware

I own the Genesis Models 1 and 2 (although my kids use the Model 1). Both still have boxes and all accessories. Also own a Nomad ( which had been a lifesaver for my job as a long haul driver...)

As for controllers, I have along with what came with the systems one Sega 6-Button pad, 2 xtra regular pads and a Quick Touch pad...(my personal favorite- too bad they never released a 6-button vrs.) I also picked up cheap a Tyco Power Plug accessory.

I own 2 32X systems-( 1 has never been used-I got it as a backup) and I also have a Model 2 Sega CD system (with a LOT of games check below for my Sega CD link for more info).

Now for the games...

Genesis and 32X games: (25)

     All my Genesis and 32X games are complete in box and work very well :)

Sega Games: (9) (1) Bugs Bunny in Double Trouble (2) Comix Zone (3) NFL Football '94 (4) Star Trek:TNG (5) Streets of Rage 2 (6) Streets of Rage 3 (7) Taz in Escape From Mars (8) X-Men (9) X-Men 2: Clone Wars
Acclaim: (1) (10) WWF Royal Rumble
Capcom: (1) (11) The Punisher
Data East: (1) (12) Capt.America and the Avengers
Domark: (1) (13) James Bond 007: The Duel
Electronic Arts: (2) (14) NHL '94 (15) PGA Tour Golf
Fox Interactive: (1) (16) The Tick (SPOON!)
Playmates: (1) (17) Star Trek:Deep Space 9
Sunsoft: (1) (18) Batman: Return of the Joker
US Gold: (1) (19) Flashback (20) The Incredible Hulk
The following are my 32X games, also CIB... (21) Metalhead (22) Primal Rage (23) Spiderman: Web of Fire (24) Star Trek: Starfleet Academy (25) Star Wars Arcade
I am looking for some Genesis titles...check out my want list- ( I am not trading Sega stuff at this time...)

My Sega CD Page: