My Sega Saturn

As with my Sega CD system. I picked up the Saturn for only one game- Enemy Zero. I got a good deal from JC Penney and got one just as they had started to be discounted...To me, the Saturn does have some things going for it...but Sega really dropped the ball last time...If Dreamcast fails, you can say bye bye to Sega as we know it...

My Sega Saturn Hardware

I have a Sega Saturn complete with all the accessories and I also own a Nights 3D analog control pad and an extra RF cable...just your basic set...

My Sega Saturn Games

These are the games that I received with my Saturn:
(these came in white cardboard cd holders along with the instructions)

(1) Nights - (also came with a Nights sample cd)
(2) Sonic 3D Blast
(3) Sega Rally Championship
I also picked up the original pack-in game:
(4) Virtua Fighter (in a reg cd case)
along with:
(5) Virtua Fighter 2 (cd only)
$5.00 for both at a flea market :)
Sega Games:

(6) Daytona USA: Champ Circuit Edition
(7) Mansion of Hidden Souls
(8) Panzer Dragoon
(9) Sonic R

(10) The Crow: City of Angels
(11) Dragonheart: Fire and Steel
(12) Myst
(13) Space Jam
(14) WWF In Your House

(15) Lunacy

(16) Street Fighter Alpha 2
Digital Pictures:

(17) Double Switch
(18) Quarterback Attack
Electronic Arts:

(19) Madden NFL '98

(20) Ememy Zero


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