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VideoGames Old and New:

Bleep, pop, boing...those were the sounds from my 1st videogame system- the Coleco Telstar Pong. I remember sitting for hours being mesmerized in front of my tv destroying my sister at I've been hooked ever since. Even though I've had ups and downs with collecting (I used to own SW:TAG, James Bond 007, and Frogger II to name a few), my love for gaming never wavered. This site is all about games- I own over 250 games for over 15 different systems and even a few portables... (such as a cool Tron game). You can find here lists of what I have and what I want, and my opinions on my favorite (or not so good) games. I also will, as time permits, put up such things like overlay, box, and game scans, my favorite game-related sites, and other cool stuff, so check back often to see what's new... Please take the time to go back to my main page and SIGN MY GUESTBOOK!( the link can be found at the end of the page)- Also let me know if you want to link my site so I can do the same with yours :) Thanks for visiting!!!

Videogames Old and New Links

Intellivision: Intelligent Television
My page devoted to the first system that I ever owned
Systems & Games
My collection of videogames is here
Handhelds/Tabletops (COMING SOON)
My list of portable games (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
My Want and Trade Lists (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
What it says...
Videogaming Links (COMING SOON)
The cool stuff that I've found on the web- including some places to buy and trade games- (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
Digital Press
Digital Press is one of the best gaming sites out there...they also have a collectors guide to gaming available-click on the banner below to find out more..

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